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ET6x Series


ET60, ET65

The most versatile rugged Android business tablets
Maximize productivity and business efficiency with the business tablets that deliver more — more features, more power, more security, more ruggedness and more versatility. Designed for work, the ET60 Wi-Fi and ET65 Wi-Fi and cellular enterprise tablets are ready for your most punishing environments — while they offer all the beauty of consumer-styling, they’re built like a tank, ready for the most punishing environments. These flexible tablets can be whatever you need them to be — a tablet, a laptop alternative and a vehicle mount computer. And these workhorses are loaded with features that help get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of the ET6x Series

ET60 Tablet Manufacturing, Rugged Redefined
Rugged Redefined
Rugged Redefined

These tablets pass more real-world tests than any other tablet in their class. They’re drop-tested to concrete, dustproof, freezer-proof, rated for hose-downs, ready for all the elements including rain, snow, ice. Additional tests that make these tablets even more rugged include thermal shock, heavy exposure to sunlight and an impact test on the touch screen.

ET60 Tablet Warehouse Forklift, Vehicle Mount
Transforms into a Vehicle Mount Computer in Forklifts and More
Transforms into a Vehicle Mount Computer in Forklifts and More

Just lock the ET60 or ET65 into the new patent-pending vehicle dock and mount in a forklift or other material handling vehicle. The ET60 Freezer model display and warehouse keyboard are heated – a feature no other tablet today offers. The result? The screen is always clear, easy to see and free of condensation — and the keyboard is always free of ice, ready for data entry.

ET60 Tablet Field Workers, Powerful Wireless Connectivity
All the Most Powerful Wireless Connections
All the Most Powerful Wireless Connections

5G and Wi-Fi 6E provide the fastest cellular and Wi-Fi speeds available. And support for private 5G enables superior wireless connectivity, application performance and security in expansive indoor and outdoor areas for a fraction of the time and cost required to deploy Wi-Fi.

Mobility DNA - Your Mobile Computer's Built-in Advantage

Zebra Mobility DNA is a suite of enterprise solutions designed to help maximise mobile user productivity and minimise IT complexities over the lifespan of a Zebra computer, tablet or wearable device. Our secure solutions help support every stage of your device’s lifecycle, simplifying device lifecycle management and lowering total cost of ownership.

Additional Software Features

OCR Wedge
OCR Wedge

Effortlessly capture standardized data with Zebra Mobility DNA OCR Wedge. Six different OCR Wedge configurations automatically capture text strings that contain specific types of data—vehicle identification, tire identification, license plate, meter and shipping container identification numbers, as well as a variety of information on drivers licenses and identification cards.

Part of the Mobility DNA Suite
Lifeguard Android Icon
LifeGuard™ for Android™
LifeGuard™ for Android™

LifeGuard™ for Android™ is Zebra’s software security solution that extends the lifecycle of enterprise mobile computers. Learn more.

Part of the Mobility DNA Suite
Logo of Zebra VisibilityIQ
Zebra VisibilityIQ™
Zebra VisibilityIQ™

VisibilityIQ puts Zebra device data intelligence into your hands when and how you need it with different solutions and dashboards that provide you with the business intelligence needed to improve productivity and get the most out of your investment.


Realize the full potential of your Zebra devices with convenient and affordable accessories.

ET6x 2-in-1 Keyboard

Create a true 2-in-1 laptop experience by attaching the ET6x keyboard with friction hinge. The friction hinge allows you to set the viewing angle to your preference. Attached to the keyboard is an extendable handle for easy portability.

ET6x Vehicle Dock

Easily mount the ET6x tablet in the vehicle dock to create a vehicle mount computer solution in forklift or other material handling vehicle.

ET6x Warehouse Keyboard

With the ET6x tablet mounted in the vehicle dock, attach the warehouse keyboard and tray for heavier data entry for forklift or other material handling vehicle operators.


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