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Card Laminates and Overlays

Secure. Reliable. Durable.

The Zebra Wasteless Advantage

In addition to extended card life and durability, customers receive several benefits when they purchase Zebra laminates. Zebra’s patented wasteless laminate design features linerless media with a single core and no carrier—eliminating more than 50 percent of waste over competitor laminates. In addition, Zebra’s wasteless laminates offer simple loading/reloading operations and a larger roll capacity, saving customers money and time. With savings of more than 30 percent over the competition, our laminates provide the lowest cost-per-card in the industry. Other benefits include:

  • Prevention of card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication
  • Protection against fading, dye-migration and normal wear from handling and swiping
  • Customised laminates available embedded with overt, covert and forensic features

Additional Resources

Security Laminates

Security Laminates (Overt - Level 1 Security)

Strengthen security with innovative card laminates that provide overt security features that are visible to the human eye.

Security Laminates (Covert - Level 2 Security)

Companies that rely on tight security depend on these card laminates, which provide security features that require a device to read the micro or hidden text.

Clear Laminate

Zebra’s clear 1.0 mil card laminates are carrier based and linerless, ensuring the images, text and barcodes printed are protected from frequent card usage.

Stock Holographic Laminate

Zebra’s holographic stock laminates come in five different designs: World Globe, Lock, Eagle, Safe and Safe 2 and offer overt, covert and forensic security features.

Custom Holographic Laminate

Zebra’s holographic laminates can be customised with your designs and offer overt, covert and forensic security features.


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