Painted rocks say "It's not happiness that brings gratitude. It's gratitude that brings us happiness."
By Your Edge Blog Team | September 21, 2022

The Chain of Gratitude Starts Here…Today…With Your Help

We have a lot to be thankful for at Zebra, especially our partners and customers. So, we want to shout our appreciation from the rooftops – and across social media. Will you join us?

September 21 may be most well-known as the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. But it’s also a day when people come together all around the world to show appreciation for one another, Mother Nature, and the other blessings that make life joyous and meaningful. 

World Gratitude Day, first officially recognized by the United Nations and other organizations in 1977, is as much a celebration of others’ kindness, patience and support as it is their innovation, boldness and willingness to challenge us. If you’re grateful for the device you’re using to read this right now, then you’re grateful for the people who took the time to ideate, design, develop and deliver that device, too. If you’re grateful for your business’s success, then you’re grateful for your customers, partners and even adversaries. They all played a role in your journey to this point of gratitude.

So, today, Zebra Nation wants to show appreciation for everyone who has ever propelled us forward to this place of success and happiness by starting a chain of gratitude on social media.

Before you head over to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your gratitude on #WorldGratitudeDay, though, check out some of the reasons why Zebras around the world are so grateful for our global community of 10,000+ channel partners on World Gratitude Day, during #PartnerAppreciation Month, and every day!

Why We're Grateful

“Thank you to our partners for all you do to support our mutual customers. I look forward to accelerating our growth together into the future.”

~Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra

“Our corporate strategy depends on the alignment of our employees, suppliers and channel partners to be successful. Our partners around the world have listened to, challenged and supported our strategic efforts, helping us grow our collective businesses and position ourselves well for the future.  I appreciate the insights, expertise and support our partners give us every day.”

~Chip Yager, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Zebra

“We’d never be where we are without our partners. They provide Zebra with the reach, expertise and support needed to fully support our mutual customers all over the world. My team’s role is to enable partners to differentiate themselves in the market and support those customers. While we try, we don’t always make it easy, and I appreciate each partner’s support during our supply chain issues. I’m looking forward to working with every partner for many more years to come.” 

~ Caryn Scherer, Director, Global Channel Strategy, Zebra

“I have worked with our ISV and Alliance partners for over 16 years, and I am always enthused by their high level of interest in collaborating with Zebra, with our joint value propositions being so much more valuable to end-customers than we can achieve alone. I really appreciate that spirit of partnership for our mutual benefit.”

~ James Pemberton, Director, Global ISV Strategy, Zebra


Your Turn

Who has uplifted you, challenged you, and been by your side in good times and in bad? We want to help you celebrate them for, without them, we would have never crossed paths. Give them a shoutout on Zebra’s global chain of gratitude by visiting one or all of our social channels today, tagging them in and adding the hashtag #PartnerAppreciation, #ThankYouPartners, #WorldGratitudeDay, #GratitudeDay.

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