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By Your Edge Blog Team | September 14, 2022

Civil Engineering and Surveying Firm Turns to Zebra for Help Tracking Expensive Assets

With its new RFID solution, DRMP can better monitor and manage the movement of its high-value tools across multiple states and large-scale projects.

DRMP’s inventory includes more than basic hammers and screwdrivers. The civil engineering and surveying company handles a wide variety of intense projects, like flying drones over hurricane disaster areas, building world-class bridges and identifying endangered species in the path of proposed roads. These projects require specialized tools, which aren’t cheap. When a single tool can cost up to $70,000, it’s important to know where that piece of equipment is at all times.

That’s why company leaders called Zebra for help. 

They heard that our RFID solutions can help project managers know where these tools are in real time. What they didn’t know then – but do now – is that our RFID tags can be used to assign each tool to an individual at the project site. Details such as the expected date of return, along with calibration dates, photos of the serial numbers and equipment, and other notes can be “attached” to each asset via RFID tags that can be read using RFID sleds attached to mobile computers in the field. Every time the asset is received or used by that individual, the tag can be read and a record can be created in a cloud-based asset management system. So, if a tool is accidentally misplaced or stolen, project managers can quickly recover assets through a “backtrack” investigation or send replacements while the missing equipment is tracked down. 

Read the full story now to learn how the comprehensive RFID solution is helping DRMP employees keep assets in place and projects on schedule while helping the company save money. 

Zebra’s RFID Solution Increases Asset Control, Security and Visibility

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