Marexi Marine Technology's optical scanning systems built on machine vision
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Marexi Marine Technology Sorts Tuna With Accuracy Rates Approaching 100%

Marexi Marine Technology develops optical scanning systems for marine species built on machine vision. It helps industry leaders in fishing, canning and aquaculture sectors improve their industrial processes. Marexi's patented TUNASCAN® system scans and classifies tuna by species, size and quality.

Marexi Marine Technology


Marexi wanted to improve the classification algorithms used by TUNASCAN to offer more robustness, help avoid voids and make the system easier to calibrate. Zebra's AltiZ 3D profile sensors proved to be the focal point of the upgrade by offering a reliable way to identify objects moving at fast speeds in often conditions.

Benefits / Outcomes

  • Sort up to 20 tons of tuna per hour with accuracy rates approaching 100%
  • Interface allows the operator to choose output categories by species and weight
  • Durable system with minimal required maintenance

Marexi Marine Technology
Pontevedra, Spain


Zebra AltiZ High-Fidelity 3D Profile Sensors
Aurora Imaging Library 


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