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By Deanna Self | May 29, 2024

Want More Companies to Choose You – and Keep You – as Their 3PL Partner? Here’s What You Might Need to Do Differently.

There’s a difference between structuring logistics operations for a customer and with a customer.

Most 3PL leaders I speak with know they must invest more in talent and technology systems to meet service level agreements (SLAs). But one CEO recently reminded me that customers must be equally invested if 3PLs are going to meet SLAs. That’s because it takes tight alignment between manufacturers, 3PLs, retailers, and other supply chain partners to manage supply-demand imbalances, labor shortages, blocked shipping lanes, and more.

So, how can 3PLs get customers to participate more in logistics strategy decisions – or substantial technology system investments? And what should 3PLs be doing (or doing better) to support customers moving forward as new challenges and opportunities arise?

Tune into my latest podcast episode with Cathy Langham, President and CEO of Langham Logistics, to find out…

  1. What you can do (if you’re a 3PL) to better position yourself to meet SLAs, attract new clients, and scale to meet increased demand. 

  2. How anyone in the supply chain can take on “more” (customers/orders/inventory) without biting off more than they can chew.

  3. The changes Cathy and team have made at Langham Logistics to improve visibility and control over inventory levels, order status, and more.

  4. How 3PLs should work with customers to stay on the forefront of technology and better collaborate on innovation efforts.

  5. What business leaders should think about when they approach a 3PL for support (and the expectations that 3PLs have of customers to ensure a successful partnership).

  6. The role that people play in everything from innovation to execution in 3PL operations and the broader supply chain– and what it’s going to take to build a workforce capable of continuous innovation and agile execution. 

We also talk about what current supply chain leaders must do to inspire more women to get into the supply chain and make their mark in this space. 

Watch the episode now:

You can also download the MP3 to listen later:

Why 3PLs Should Be Innovating with - Not Just for - Supply Chain Customers

Or download the transcript here if you prefer to read the interview.


Want to Hear More About What Cathy and Other Cold Chain Leaders are Doing to Support Customers?

Check out these conversations in which they reveal how they’ve been able to adapt their operations to meet demand:

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Deanna Self
Deanna Self

Deanna Self serves as the Director of Digital Strategy for Global Supply Chain and Repair at Zebra Technologies, where she is tasked with shaping and driving digital initiatives to optimize the global supply chain and repair processes. Bringing over 25 years of experience in sales, operations, and IT to her role, Deanna is passionate about leveraging technology to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Her expertise and forward-thinking approach are integral to her leadership in transforming Zebra's supply chain digital landscape. 

Prior to this role, Deanna was responsible for the oversight and management of Zebra’s largest order fulfillment distribution center. She also spent over two decades in the food and beverage industry before joining Zebra, where she started out owning and operating her own distributorship and eventually served as an IT executive for Nestle USA.  

Deanna holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Queen’s University of Charlotte and was named one of Supply and Demand Chain Executive 2021 Pros to Know. She is also a winner of the Supply and Demand Chain Executive 2021 Women of Supply Chain award.   

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