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ZD611 Desktop Printer Support

ZD611T Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

ZD611T Thermal Transfer Printer
ZD611R Thermal Transfer RFID Printer

ZD611 Desktop Printer

ZD611D Direct Thermal Printer

Retain proof of purchase for warranty confirmation.

+ First Time Setup / Getting Started

The Setup guidelines below will take you to English documentation. You can access the localized User Guides in the MANUALS section.

IMPORTANT! Do not connect your printer to a computer yet! 

  • If you connected your printer to a computer via USB before driver installation, the printer might appear as an unknown (unspecified) device in “Devices and Printers.” 
  • If necessary, follow these recovery steps before proceeding to Step 1.

IMPORTANT: You will need a roll of media (labels, receipt paper, tags, etc.) to set up your printer. See the Zebra Web site or contact your reseller to help you select the right media for your use. Find media at

Install the Zebra Printer Driver First

1Download and install the recommended Windows Printer Driver v8 from the DRIVERS section.

  • Download the driver from the DRIVERS section below on this web page.
  • Follow the instructions in Installing the Drivers to pre-install the drivers. Pause the driver installation with the drivers preinstalled. Proceed to Step 2. The driver installation can be completed after you Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing and connect the USB cable to the system.

For Steps 2-9, you may watch the following printer videoSetup.

2. Place the printer in a safe location with access to power and where you can connect with interface cables or wirelessly to the system.

3. Attach the power supply to the printer and a grounded power source. See Attaching Printer Power.

4. Load media. Typically, this is a roll of labels, receipt paper, or tags. See How to Load Roll Media.

5. Load ribbon if you are printing on thermal transfer media. See Using Thermal Transfer Ribbon in the Printer and Loading Zebra Transfer Ribbon.

6Turn the printer ON. The USB cable should not be connected to the computer!

7. Calibrate media properties and label positioning. See Run a SmartCal Media Calibration.

8Print a printer Configuration Report as a test print. See Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing.

  • Use the Configuration Report to find your printer's model, print resolution (for example XXX dpi), programming language (typically ZPL, CPCL, and EPL), and alpha-numeric serial number at the top of the printout.
  • Use the report to set and configure the printer for various printer communication options (USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

9Turn the printer OFF.

10. For USB printer communication ports, connect the supplied USB cable to the printer. Turn the printer ON.

11. For non-USB printer communication ports, run the Windows Printer Driver v8 previously used to preload the drivers. The driver executable file (such as zd86423827-certified.exe) was added to your Download folder. See Running the Printer Installation Wizard.

12. Turn the printer ON when instructed. 

  • Windows should automatically detect and configure your printer for USB port operations.
  • Network (Ethernet and Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, and Other (serial port) will require additional setup. Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts to complete the wizard.
  • The printer can connect to multiple uniquely named ports.

13. Use Windows Printers & Scanners. Access it with the Windows search bar. Right-click on your displayed Zebra printer and configure your printer. Select Print a test page to verify printing form the computer.

Legacy Windows OS’s use the Control Panel to select Devices & Printers. Access it with the Windows search bar. Right-click on your displayed Zebra printer and configure your printer. Select Printer Properties to access the Print Test Page.  

Use Printers & Scanners (or Devices & Printers) to manage printer and communication settings from Windows. The printer settings must match the actual supplies that you are using for your print job and the options on your printer.

You can use the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) to manage Zebra printers (only) and configure them for your media and ribbon. The ZSU has a variety of wizards, test functions, command line, fonts, and communication tools to assist you with setup and if you need it troubleshooting.

+ Drivers

If you had connected your printer to the computer via USB prior to driver installation, follow these recovery steps before printer driver installation. 

ZD611 Drivers - Recommended

  • Windows Printer Driver v10

    This is the recommended driver to use with your printer.
    'ZDesigner Printer Driver' is for use with ZebraDesigner 3 and other Windows applications.
    OPERATING SYSTEM versions: Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 (see Release Notes for details)
    How to Install Driver v10

      Download 31 MB View release notes

Printer Configuration Utility

Alternative Driver

  • Windows Printer Driver v5

    Use this driver if you need to use either CPCL or EPL printer command languages.
    'ZDesigner Printer Driver' is compatible with ZebraDesigner 3 and prior versions.
    OPERATING SYSTEM versions: Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 (see Release Notes for details)
    How to Install Driver v5

      Download 14 MB View release notes

Other Drivers

  • OPOS Driver

    Use this OLE for Retail POS driver to develop applications that are compatible with the Unified POS specification. See the release notes for printer compatibility and system requirements.
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10/11

      Download 7 MB View release notes


+ Manuals

ZD611D Set-Up and User Guides

ZD611T Set-Up and User Guides

ZD611R Set-Up and User Guides

+ How-To Videos

ZD611D videos

ZD611T videos

ZD611R videos

+ Software

Developer Tools

+ Software Manuals

+ Printer OS (Firmware)

ZD611 Firmware

Other Related Content

  • Factory Installed Printer Emulations

    Printer Emulations are on-printer apps that allow this printer to use a variety of printer command languages.
    Use only on printers that have been updated to Link-OS v6.8 or later.

      Download 12 MB
  • Link-OS v6.9 MIB file for SNMP

    Device management file for use with Link-OS printers.

      Download 291 KB

+ Specifications and Characteristics


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