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Ready-To-Use Indicators

Irreversible Heat and Reversible 18°C Indicators

Heat exposure can degrade the efficacy of many temperature-sensitive medical products, such as vaccines and biologics.  Even a gradual change in temperature of a product over time can affect the performance. Products such as injectable medications, adhesives and sealants require refrigeration to maintain their efficacy, but are recommended for use at room temperature for optimal performance.

Visual Indication of Heat Exposure or Room Temperature

Zebra offers irreversible and reversible indicators that support a variety of different stability profiles, helping you monitor temperature to ensure a positive customer experience. Apply Zebra HEATmarker® time-temperature indicators to monitor heat exposure over time.  Apply LIMITmarker® irreversible threshold heat indicators to monitor immediate or prolonged exposure at or beyond a threshold temperature. Improve the user experience with LIMITmarker Reversible 18⁰C to indicate when an item requiring refrigerated storage approaches room temperature.

Time-Temperature Indicators


HEATmarker is a miniaturised, self-adhesive temperature monitoring indicator that can be applied directly to temperature-sensitive products. HEATmarker gradually changes colour as heat exposure accumulates. When the gradual colour change surpasses the reference colour the user can identify if the product has exceeded its temperature limit.

Vaccine Vial Monitors

HEATmarker® VVM

Used to monitor the temperature exposure of vaccines globally since 1996, identified as a critical component by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, HEATmarker VVM is an indicator containing a heat-sensitive material that is affixed to a vaccine vial by the manufacturer to allow for full-life monitoring.

Vaccine Vial Monitors

HEATmarker® VVM+

HEATmarker VVM+ was developed specifically for monitoring heat stable vaccines. HEATmarker VVM+ combines traditional HEATmarker VVM cumulative heat with innovative peak temperature indication technology addressing the risk that vaccines stored outside of the cold chain may be subjected to a peak temperature excursion which could cause rapid degradation.

Threshold Heat Indicators


LIMITmarker irreversible temperature indicators can be applied directly to heat-sensitive products, available with delayed (2 hrs) or immediate (15 secs) Indication. When exposed to temperatures at or above the response temperature, the heat indicators change colour within a specified response time to give a visual warning.

Reversible Room Temperature Indicators

LIMITmarker® Reversible 18⁰C

LIMITmarker Reversible 18⁰C indicators can be applied to the primary packaging of products, providing a clear visual sign when a refrigerated product becomes warm enough to use. The indicator is sold blue when cold (at or below 8⁰C), then changes colour and reveals an "OK" message when it approaches room temperature (18⁰C +/- 2⁰C).

Shipment Temperature Indicators


TransTracker can contain multiple indicators on one card. Choose from HEATmarker, LIMITmarker or FREEZEmarker temperature sensing indicators. These single-use indicators can be placed in shipment packaging to monitor temperature exposures during shipping. TransTracker indicators can be customised with branding and consumer information specific to your use case.

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