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PartnerConnect for Alliance Partners

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Collaborate by Aligning with Zebra

Today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise solutions are becoming ever more complex and necessitate a collaborative go-to-market approach by a variety of providers who each offer vital components that make up a total solution for a customer. Aligning with like-minded complementary providers is therefore fundamental to Zebra.

Recognizing the important contributions and unique needs of Alliance Partners, the Zebra® PartnerConnect program includes the Alliance Partner Track, available to companies that develop hardware, products, or services that complement Zebra products. The current Alliance Partner Track Categories are:

  • Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) who develop and sell hardware or accessories compatible with Zebra products (holsters, cradles, etc)
  • Consultants who focus on advising organizations on how best to use information technology that may include Zebra products.
  • Technology Alliances who provide complementary technology that supports Zebra products (Operating System, chipsets, WLAN, etc). 
  • System Integrators (SI) who specialize in implementing, planning, testing, and/or maintaining IT operations that may include Zebra products.

Together with Alliance Partners, we’re transforming the edge of the enterprise. By coupling our market-leading products with your innovative hardware, product, or service offer, we’re helping customers make business-critical decisions and perform their best. As a PartnerConnect Alliance Partner, you can take advantage of:

  • Development support: We help you develop and deploy differentiated hardware, products, or services, streamline the development process, speed development time and enhance application performance.
  • Go-to-market support: You have access to tools and resources designed to help you generate new leads, increase market penetration, discover new opportunities and prepare for market shifts.
  • Ecosystem collaboration: You can create relationships with PartnerConnect resellers and establish new routes to market.

Targeted Benefits Drive Alliance Partner Success

PartnerConnect includes a host of benefits designed for Alliance Partners, including:
  • Influence registration or Referral rewards: Providing financial rewards, free demo kits and more for registering sales opportunities in which you play an influencing role, or new opportunities that you simply identify and refer to Zebra, but are not actively involved in the sale
  • Technical support: Facilitating development and the resolution of customer technical issues
  • Increased visibility: Promoting your hardware, product, or service through our database of partner offerings searchable by customers, Zebra resellers and Zebra sales reps
  • Hardware accreditation: Building market credibility through Compatibility assessment of your hardware
  • Discounted demo equipment: Lowering your costs for solution development, testing and demos
  • Access to pre-launch products: Speeding time to market for applications for new Zebra products

Join the Zebra PartnerConnect Program

Our Partner Interaction Center can help with questions about the PartnerConnect Program

Business Model Flexibility
Business Model Flexibility

If your company develops hardware or products that are compatible with Zebra products or provides services that include Zebra devices and you sell Zebra products, you can participate in PartnerConnect as both an Alliance partner and a reseller—and take advantage of the wide-ranging benefits available in both tracks.

Three Tiers Recognize Impact
Three Tiers Recognize Impact

The Alliance Partner Track has three tiers: Registered, Select and Premier Alliance Partner. As you demonstrate your Zebra influence, you move from Registered to Select tier and access benefits such as increased marketing support and additional demo/development kits. The Premier Alliance Partner tier is reserved for our Global Strategic Alliance partners, who are of significant size and have global impact. We aspire to form long-term, multi-faceted alliance partnerships with like-minded global players.

Zebra Developer Community Portal
Zebra Developer Community Portal

Our online development portal brings developers from around the world together to collaborate and access the knowledge and insight that fuel successful solutions.