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Environmental Sensors

Ready-To-Use Environmental Indicators

Gain visibility into the temperature exposure of products — medications, vaccines and others — with a simple card or self-adhesive temperature indicator.

A display of various Zebra environmental indicators, designed to monitor and track environmental conditions throughout the supply chain.

Revolutionary Temperature Indicators to Monitor the Integrity of Your Supply Chain

Trust Zebra temperature indicators to monitor high-value products with effective indicators that support a variety of stability profiles, manufactured by Temptime®. The adaptability of these environmental indicators not only enhances temperature control in the cold chain but also reduces the need for constant replacements. Zebra’s ready-to-use temperature indicator reveals temperature excursions of products exposed to excessive heat or freeze events, improving process efficiency and protecting margins from product re-shipments inadvertently exposed to damaging conditions.

Zebra's heat indicator LIMITmarker, a temperature-sensitive device designed to indicate temperature threshold breaches.
TTIs and Visual Indications of Heat Exposure

Heat Indicators and Time-Temperature Indicators

Time-temperature indicators (TTIs) and threshold heat indicators provide an irreversible visual indication when temperature-sensitive products are exposed to excessive heat. This prompt visual feedback from our time-temperature indicator provides you with information to help with decision-making related to your product's integrity throughout its lifecycle. Zebra's heat indicators boost the effectiveness of your cold chain logistics and help to manage your temperature-sensitive products.

Zebra's FREEZEmarker®, a reliable and accurate freeze indicator designed to monitor freezing conditions for more efficient cold chain logistics.
Visual Indicators of Freeze Exposure

Freeze Indicators

FREEZEmarker® easy-to-read freeze indicators provide supply chain intelligence and a visual indication when temperature-sensitive products are exposed to freeze events. With its advanced freeze detection technology, this temperature indicator monitors environmental conditions to help manage your environmentally sensitive supply chain. 

Zebra's blood temperature indicator helps monitor and for optimal temperature of blood products.
Nonreversible, Temperature Sensitive Indicators for Blood Products

Blood Temperature Indicators

Safe-T-Vue® blood temperature indicators provide a visual indication of when blood products, plasma and RBCs have reached or exceeded 6°C or 10°C so you can make informed decisions about your blood supply. Temperature indicators for blood products provide information so you can visually see any temperature excursions that may affect the integrity of blood during transport, providing a revolutionary temperature monitoring system with evidence of any temperature breach.

Zebra's TransTracker® D shipping temperature indicator, a reliable and innovative temperature-sensitive device designed for temperature monitoring during transportation.
Visual Temperature Indicators for Shipping and Storage

Shipping Temperature Indicators

Monitor temperature-sensitive products across cold chain logistics from manufacturer to distributor, and from hospital, clinic or pharmacy to the patient or end user with Zebra’s TransTracker® and Electronic Temperature Sensors. Elevate your shipping process with our comprehensive shipping temperature indicators. By providing reliable temperature sensing for unparalleled peace of mind, you can optimize your shipments. Our advanced cold chain temperature sensing solutions are great visual indicators that can show you if goods were exposed to extreme temperature conditions, enhancing the reliability of your deliveries.

Zebra's FreshCheck® is a food temperature indicator used for intelligent packaging in the food sector, providing the user information to assist in making decisions about spoilage, food quality and safety of perishable goods.
Deliver Visual Temperature Assurance on Every Package for Easy Temperature Monitoring

Food Temperature Indicators

Fresh-Check® food temperature indicators provide a visual indication when subjected to temperatures that can impact freshness. A cost-effective food temperature monitoring solution that allows you to add a temperature-sensitive label so you have the information you need to make decisions about food freshness. Experience the future of intelligent packaging, incorporating innovative food temperature indicators for visual monitoring.

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