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Device Tracker On-Prem Support

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Important information about Device Tracker:

Product Discontinuation Date: October 12, 2021
Service & Support Discontinuation Date:  December 31, 2021

ReplacementDevice Tracker 4.x and later is the cloud-based version of the solution. The cloud and on-premise solutions are incompatible with one another.

For more information, documentation and developer assistance, please see: 

Device Tracker On-Premise is a centralized software solution used to track Zebra Android mobile devices, find missing devices and help prevent device inventory shrinkage. The Device Tracker On-Premise Solution is comprised of:

Device Tracker On-Premise Client Software runs on all Zebra Android Mobile devices that are tracked. It enables the client device to send presence updates to the Device Tracker On-Premise console and also provides a remote ringing based device finding feature.

Device Tracker On-Premise Console Server provides centralized tracking with alerts. The Zebra DNA Console Server software is hosted locally at each customer site. Devices and alerts are tracked through a dashboard accessed from a supported browser running on a kiosk, tablet, or PC. 

Device Tracker On-Premise is supported on Zebra devices running Android Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo. DNA Visibility Console Server is supported on Windows 2012 and 2016 server editions.

Important information about Device Tracker:

  • Device Tracker 4.0 or later is the cloud-based version, which replaces Device Tracker On-Prem 3.0 or earlier.
  • Device Tracker On-Prem 3.0 or earlier is the on-premise version, which is incompatible with Device Tracker 4.0 or later and cannot be upgraded to the cloud-based version.



The table below lists Device Tracker on Prem-compatible devices (and respective operating systems).

Device Version 1.0 Version 2.1 Version 2.2.1 Version 2.3.1 Version 3.0
EC30   O O O O
ET50/ET55   M M M M
ET51/ET56   O O O O, A10
L10 Android   O O O O
MC3300 N, O N, O N, O N, O N, O, A10
MC9300   O O O O
PS20 O O O, P O, P O, P
TC20   N, O N, O N, O N, O
TC25   N, O N, O N, O N, O
TC26         A10
TC51/TC51-HC/TC56 M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O
TC52 O O O, P O, P O, P, A10
TC57 O O O O O, A10
TC70x/TC75x M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O
TC72 O O O, P O, P O, P, A10
TC77 O O O O O, A10
TC8300   O O O O
WT6000   N N N N

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