A Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer is used to scan fresh produce
By Your Edge Blog Team | June 16, 2022

Buying Fresh Produce Shouldn’t Be a Game of Chance

Grocery wholesaler turns to Zebra technology to help ensure the first perishable products received are the first ones shipped out.

IF&P Foods supplies regional retail grocery and food service customers with fresh produce. And while a shopper may not know how to properly pick a ripe watermelon, they can count on produce from IF&P Foods hitting the shelves before its expiration date.

Previously, IF&P Foods used a paper-picking process to track thousands of incoming and outgoing pieces of produce. As you probably guessed, many inventory lists were either lost or error-filled. Fortunately, the company came to us and asked for a better way to track and handle this time-sensitive information.

“There’s no way to control that madness without automation and no way for us to measure our production levels either,” says Eric Richardson, Vice President of Information Technology at IF&P.   

The answer was a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and warehouse management system (WMS) synced with new Zebra MC33xx Series mobile computers and WT6000 wearable computers running on the latest enterprise Android™ operating system, along with  RS6000 Bluetooth® ring scanners. Did we mention the solution was configured, secured, deployed and managed via Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of enterprise software solutions? 

Talk about taming the madness, the new mobile tracking method reduced the error rate by 90%!

Read the full story now to learn exactly how this unique hardware-software combination helped IF&P Foods improve its picking accuracy and productivity:

Zebra Helps IF&P Foods Perfect Its Produce Picking Process 

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