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Nhat Tin Logistics Elevates Efficiency and Accuracy with Advanced Scanning Solutions

Nhat Tin Logistics is one of Vietnam's top express delivery companies, offering a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions across the country's 63 provinces. With two major distribution centers in Vietnam’s key economic regions, the company is well-equipped to meet diverse logistics demands.

Nhat Tin Logistics


Nhat Tin Logistics improved its operations by implementing advanced scanning solutions from Zebra Technologies. Previously, the company used inefficient and insecure barcode scanning processes, leading to operational delays and increased costs. However, with the implementation of Zebra's solutions, Nhat Tin saw improvements in operational performance and reduction in costs. The technology improved workflow, increased productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Benefits / Outcomes

  • Cost savings due to improved operational efficiency
  • Increased accuracy, visibility and security in tracking inventory and shipments.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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