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Enterprise Application Configurator Support

Enterprise Application Configurator (EAC) is a companion utility for Enterprise Browser that simplifies DOM injection, a process that can add capabilities to a running EB app without changing the source code. EAC maps EB fields or buttons to Zebra devices such as scanners, printers and keyboards and can voice-enable fields for spoken input and/or output.

Note About the Enterprise Application Configurator 2.X Release

This tool is a browser-based solution with a point-and-click interface that creates DOM injection configuration files that are ready for deployment. It is designed to aid users of SAP ITSmobile and similar solutions to easily modify legacy apps without requiring special skills.


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Installation Requirements

  • Computer running Windows 8 or Windows 10 with Google Chrome (81.0.4044.122 or later) installed
  • Zebra device that supports Enterprise Browser (hyperlink this text: "See EB Supported Devices" to the EB support page shown with #5) 
  • EB 2.6 (or later) installed on the target device 
  • Computer and target device on the same IP subnet 
  • App to be reconfigured (and its Config.xml file), installed on the device
  • AppConfigurationUtility.apk device mirroring service installed on the target device (available from this page) 
  • Optional: A second Zebra device with EB 2.6 installed (for easier testing of reconfigured apps)

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Licenses for Enterprise Application Configurator v 2.X and above can be viewed and managed through the Zebra Licensing Portal.

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